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Doug Phillips have betrayed dozens of individuals, and more than of those within the way more dastardly and you can devastating means than you

Doug Phillips have betrayed dozens of individuals, and more than of those within the way more dastardly and you can devastating means than you

You aren’t by yourself, Peter. Both you and Bob Renaud consumed the latest Kool-Help, however, I don’t point out that so you can slam your (I was a person in a cult once me). You will find prayed repeatedly to you one another, and therefore many more, you to Goodness perform fix and you will repair your. I additionally pray for these couple household that stay in BCA. May God submit her or him.

Even in the event Doug Phillips is no longer a proper Senior at the BCA, they have as much dictate and you may control indeed there when he actually ever did, and indeed way more than Bob Sarratt. Doug Phillips is the puppet master and you can Bob Sarratt remains his puppet. It is critical to learn just who Bob Sarratt was. Bob Sarratt is actually hands-chosen as an enthusiastic “elder” maybe not given that he in any way match the new biblical official certification of any office for each Titus 1:5-9 and you may step 1 Timothy step three. In reality, according to scripture Bob Sarratt are disqualified, just as Doug Phillips was disqualified. Bob Sarratt is actually disqualified as he could be perhaps not “prone to illustrate” (step 1 Tim step three:2). Doug Phillips are disqualified as the he or she is not the fresh new spouse from you to wife (1 Tim step 3:2). ”

Doug Phillips offered because just elder out-of BCA for in the least 5 years, even when he was frequently read to say, “We believe inside a great plurality from elders.” When questioned upcoming as to the reasons was the guy the sole older, Doug carry out reply, “When i come across one one to will follow myself 100%, they can end up being an older.” When there had been a certainly-guy Bob Sarratt try your. Even a long time before Bob Sarratt became a senior, and you will in the entire time he was an effective deacon, the guy become for each and every Sunday provider from the rising with the pulpit and declaring, “We feel during the a good plurality regarding elders.” Definitely it was every theatrics. Actually Doug Phillips going off because an elder in proved to help you become just theatrics, and clearly it wasn’t passionate by one genuine repentance. Actually their protection tale is actually that he is going off to expend longer with his relatives.

The guy and goes wrong new examination away from: “above reproach, loyal so you can their girlfriend, self-regulated, reputable, maybe not unlawful however, soft, perhaps not quarrelsome, maybe not a partner of money

It’s incredibly important to learn the brand new “no rumors” laws within BCA and you can Sight Forum, as well as how wide ranging new influence from Doug Phillips’ “no gossip” signal features stretched. Doug Phillips features railed up against so-entitled gossipers for a long time, and you may hearsay is actually any kind of Doug Phillips defines that it is. Because the Doug Phillips possess will told you, “The guy just who describes the new terms and conditions victories”, and the way Doug represent gossip is via equating gossip having a violation of your 9th Commandment. This is exactly typical of just how Doug Phillips twists and distorts sacred scripture to own his very own schedule. To help Japanese dating review you Doug Phillips hearsay are anything that anybody claims regarding your, or around his nearest and dearest, he will not such as for example. It creates no distinction to him if the one thing told you regarding your was true and you will currently public records. State anything in the Doug Phillips he likes, even if it is simply complete lays and fabrications (and there was lots of his sycophants that have done therefore to feed their big ego), but that’s perhaps not hearsay. ”

But state some thing true on the Doug he doesn’t instance and it’s not only simply hearsay, it’s “wicked gossip” or the “horrifying sin regarding hearsay

From the spiritual sociological cult globe that’s Boerne Religious System you can find few sins that are just like the grave once the sin away from rumors. Relationship cheating is actually relatively small and can easily be safeguarded upwards to own months and you can age at a time, and you can I am not just these are just Doug’s unfaithfulness. Inside the 2004 a good 17 yr old BCA lady had pregnant*. She try compelled to declare and you can repent before the whole church by Senior Doug Phillips and you can Deacon Bob Sarratt. But not, new label of the child exactly who impregnated the girl are kept a secret and you can restricted to the info of a few key people. Infidelity has been a couple of times swept beneath the BCA carpeting, as it is in addition to demonstrably evidenced from the fact that Jennifer Billings Grady remains an active affiliate during the Boerne Religious Set up.

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