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We Carry Their Heart With Me By E. E. Cummings

We Carry Their Heart With Me By E. E. Cummings

The sparkle on her buckle took precedence in sunHer sparkle, i ought to say, could take me personally anywhereIt feels straight to getting up this close in tight windIt feels to discover all the shiny things about youAbout your nothing is I would personallynot want to knowWith your there is nothing easy yet there’s nothing simplerAbout you many nutrients come right fling into relationI imagine proofs and sentence structure, vowel looks, likeA is actually for leg socks, E for pantiesI is for buttondown, O the shirt your wearU is actually for locks clip, and Y your own tight-fitting skirtThe songs accumulates again, Im the guy I’m hoping to beThe bright air hangs easily near the recently reduce hairIt is really easy now to see gravity where you work within faceEasy in order to comprehend times, that dark colored processTo accept it a lovely processes, your face

i bring your cardio with me(i carry it inmy cardio)i have always been never without it(anywherei get you go,my beloved; and whatever was doneby merely myself is your undertaking,my darling)i fearno fate(for your needs is my fate,my nice)i wantno world(for breathtaking you’re my industry,my real)and its you are whatever a moon keeps usually meantand whatever a sunshine will always play was your

here’s the deepest trick no person knows(right here is the root of the root and the bud for the budand the sky of the air of a forest known as existence;which growshigher than the heart can expect or worry about can conceal)and here is the wonder that’s maintaining the stars aside

A hundred Love Sonnets: XVII by Pablo Neruda

I really don’t like your as you happened to be a rose of sodium, topaz,or arrow of carnations that propagate fire:Everyone loves your as you enjoys certain hidden items,secretly, between the shade and soul.

I enjoy you since the plant it doesn’t flower but carriesthe light of those blossoms, hidden, within it self,and thanks to your fancy the tight aroma that arosefrom our planet resides dimly during my looks.

I adore your lacking the knowledge of exactly how, or when, or from where,Everyone loves you directly without dilemmas or pride:I enjoy you would like this simply because I don’t know any other method to like,except inside kind for which I am not saying nor will you be,so close that your particular give upon my torso is actually mine,so close your sight nearby using my fantasies.

Living ended up being the dimensions of My entire life by Jane Hirshfield

Living was actually the size of living.Its rooms are room-sized,its spirit was the size of a soul.In its history, mitochondria hummed,above they sunshine, clouds, snow,the transportation of performers and planets.It rode elevators, round trains,various airplanes, a donkey.It wore socks, tops, its own ears and nostrils.It ate, it slept, they openedand shut its palms, its microsoft windows.Others, I know, had schedules larger.Others, I’m sure, have resides shorter.The range of life, also, is actually different.There were instances living and I also generated laughs together.There are times we produced bread.Once, we increased moody and distant.we told living i’d like sometime,I wish to sample witnessing other individuals.In weekly, my personal bare suitcase and that I returned.I happened to be hungry, after that, and my entire life,my life, too, is starving, we can easily maybe not keepour hands-off all of our clothes onour tongues from

What’s This Lifetime by Sir Walter Raleigh

What exactly is the existence? a gamble of passion;Our mirth the songs of unit;Our mom’ wombs the tiring-houses end up being,in which we are outfitted because of this short funny.paradise the judicious sharp spectator are,That sits and iss;Our graves that hide all of us from looking around sunAre like driven drapes after play is completed.Thus march we, playing, to the current sleep,Only we die in earnest aˆ“ that’s no jest.

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